The Cheyenne Native American TribeBy: Allison McConnell

Dear Student:

My name is Amitola and I am part of the Cheyenne Indian tribe. My name means chasing rainbows. How are things in the future?

My Indian tribe is located in the Great Plains Region. You can find us in the states of South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas. We’re known for being far-ranging people, especially once we acquired horses. In the 1800’s my tribe was forced to move to Oklahoma.

In my tribe the women and girls harvest corn, squash, and a variety of beans. The men and boys hunt game such as deer, bison, and buffalo. We follow the buffalo. When the buffalo move so do we. Unlike other tribes the women in my tribe take part in the buffalo hunts.

Whitetailed Buck

For clothing, the women wear long, deerskin dresses and fringed boots. The men in my tribe wear breechcloths with leather leggings and moccasins. Everything is designed with quill work. Both men and women wear their hair braided.
Indian Shirt

The roles of the women in my tribe are really interesting. Most of them are in- charge of the house. Besides cooking and cleaning they build our family’s houses. Both genders take part in storytelling, artwork, and music. Only men can become chiefs.


For transportation, my tribe will usually use rafts whenever we are traveling by water. In the past times, we’d use dogs pulling travois to help us carry our belongings. Now, we use horses.

We Cheyenne are famous for our fine quill embroidery, beadwork, pipestone carving, and pottery out of clay. We also make vases, pots and pans.

Woven Basket
Woven Satchel
Clay Pottery

There are many weapons used in my tribe. We use powerful bows and arrows, war clubs, spears and hide shields. We even use bangboozers and shinlions in war to kill the enemy just by hitting them in the chest. Most men make other weapons from the hooves of the buffalo. Our bows are made of Osage Orangewood.


Something interesting about my tribe is we have an important dance called 'The Sundance’. We believe ‘The Sundance’ has the power to take away any troubles. Another cool thing about my tribe is in olden times Cheyenne mothers carried their young children in cradleboards on their backs.

Smoke Pipes

I bet a lot of things have changed throughout the years!

Your Native Friend, Amitola.

By: Allison McConnell.